Preparing For Fitness Success

Preparing For Fitness Success (Part 3 of Building a Plan for Fitness Success Series)Let me let you in on a little secret: it’s typical for people to look everywhere for an excuse not to follow their dreams.  That’s right.  Perhaps you were planning on taking an evening jog, but alas, it begins pouring down rain.  Many of us would take this opportunity to give ourselves the excuse to not follow through with our exercise activity for the day. 

It’s just human nature – and that’s why you have to plan ahead.  Plan so far ahead that you’ve imagined every likely scenario that could give you an excuse not to follow through with your commitment.  Remember to do your laundry to keep your exercise clothes clean and ready to use. Make sure you have enough time to go to the grocery store before you have to start eating at fast-food restaurants.

If you plan ahead and don’t leave room for failure, only success can ensue.


Making fitness a seamless transition

Think of yourself as a stream of water.  Water takes the path of least resistance.  That’s  similar to human behavior.  We look for the easiest and most natural course of action to take.  We can take steps with conscious action to make sure that the lifestyle we want to live is the path of least resistance.

Preparing For Fitness Success-bag,shoes, meals,& drinks

This could, for example, mean getting up early enough to be able to walk to work with your favorite album playing through your earbuds.  It could mean, rather, that you take some extra time on a Sunday evening preparing your meals or the week.  The key is to eliminate as many possible barriers to following through with your commitments ahead of time. That way you will be sure to follow your plan.

Always plan more than you think you need to

Think you’ve laid out things enough? You’re probably wrong. Take a good bit of time at the beginning of every week to lay out your exercise clothes. Do all possible preparations for your meals throughout the week. Clear your schedule where it needs to be cleared for exercise. Make plans for where and how you will exercise each day. Make plans for when you will shower along with your other errands and more.


Preparing For Fitness Success-workout clothesSchedule by the day if you must. Still make each preparation diligently to make your action that much more streamlined and hard to avoid when the time comes.  You’ll thank yourself as you begin to effortlessly finish your commitments.

Making success a no-brainer

If you simply don’t allow anything to get in the way of your success, failure is not an option.  This is the principle behind consistent preparation.  Eliminating the most likely barriers to reaching your goals will make success more and more inevitable. Simply move all the things that are not serving you out of the way, and you will fall right into following your plan.

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